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I’m on a competitive swim team, and we’re a very joking, overall chill group. I’m friends with my crush, who I’m going to call Harry, who is on the team, so I had asked him to go to winter formal with me as friends. He said no, so I decided to go with one of my girl friends, who I’m going to call Jane. So, once we get out of the pool, this happens:
Me: So, are you my girlfriend now?
Jane: *putting her arm around me* Yeah, totally. We’re going to be the awesome lesbian couple on the team.
Me: Yes! Suck it Harry, we’re dating!
Harry: *starts blushing* What?
Jane and I started giggling, realising that Harry hadn’t heard the first part of our discussion, and so he thought my way of asking him to be my boyfriend was “suck it Harry, we’re dating.” Eventually he got what I meant after a bit of explaining, but it was more than slightly mortifying to accidentally tell your crush you’re dating them…

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