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This happened years ago but I have never forgotten it. My best friend in high school and I always spent our time walking around the mall because we didn’t have any money and there was very little to di in iur area without money. The one thing we always did was go into Ghirardelli store that had fresh dipped fruit. We were never able to buy anything but we tried to be nice to the staff sincethey didn’t kick us out. I’m pretty sure they knew we only came in to drool over the chocolate. So one day we did this yet again. While half way through staring an older man wearinng a suit walked in and we back away so he could get to the counter. We heard him order two indvidual dipped strawberries and we got so jealous. He goes to walk away and I noticed that he left the box with the strawberries on the counter. I called after him that he forgot them. He turned and with a really kind smile said, “Oh I left them there. They are for you two. Enjoy!” And with that he walked away. We couldn’t believe it and kinda stared at each other until a staff member picked up the box and held it out to us. I don’t know if he heard us talking about them or if our drooling was just that obvious, that was a small moment of kindness that I have never forgotten.

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