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I’m flying home, at the window seat, and across the aisle are three adults and a toddler clearly related to the man sitting next to me. Once the seatbelt light turns off, the toddler is allowed to stand in the aisle, and is jabbering at various family members or just grabbing at them for attention. I’ve got a book with me, but when I raise my head to relax my neck a bit, out of the corner of my eye I see her staring at me. I turn to smile at her and she immediately lifts an airplane-safety pamphlet in front of her face. After a few seconds, she peeks back out, and raises it up again when she sees me still watching. I turn my head away, but am still paying attention to her, and the game continues for another minute or so. Then, while she has the pamphlet in front of her face, I put my book in front of mine. Sure enough, when I pop out from behind the book, she immediately flips the pamphlet up again, and we both energetically hide from each other for another few rounds. She eventually lost interest, but for a few minutes she made a dull plane ride more fun.

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