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, | Unfiltered | November 4, 2021

I have created a routine of swimming laps, and many of the lifeguards know and recognize me. However, I stopped swimming in my first trimester of pregnancy because I didn’t feel well enough. When my second trimester comes along, I’m feeling much better, so I decide to go back. I’m at the stage where you don’t quite know if I’m pregnant or have a chubby belly. The lifeguard greets me when I come in.

Lifeguard: Long time no see!
Me: Yeah, I took a little break because…
Lifeguard: It’s a good thing you’re back. You put on some weight, but I’m sure you’ll have your flat tummy back in no time.
Me: Well, it will get much bigger first. I’m pregnant.
Lifeguard: You don’t have to pretend with me. We all fall off the workout wagon sometimes!
Me: No. I’m actually pregnant.
Lifeguard:…Oh, well congratulations.

(I guess that pudgy or pregnant goes both ways)

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