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(I play game online thats very similar to how DnD plays but characters skills, classes and personality is largely by the luck of the draw. I’ve managed to make a very strong healer and support, only to pull a card that means my character is forgetful, meaning if I low roll I forget what I was doing. Our Games Master is pretty lapse in how else we interpret cards, so I opt make my character be excessively forgetful, niave, childish and cheery about life. This gives me pretty much free reign to attempt anything multiple times. Player 1 is a close friend who’s made a very powerful wizard who’s excessively carefree and kinda sexual character due to what she drew, and we’ve decided to unite forces as my character would be dead if she was alone. Player 2 is used to our shenanigans and is using a kind hearted old veteran kinda character who knows his stuff but doesn’t prior know our characters and player 3 is new to the party and has made a BAMF hunter, with a ghostly looking companion who looks squishy, neither of which know us. This player is also rather straight laced, whereas I play to my characters so will be disruptive to laws of this world. Games Master himself encourages this. Player 1, 2 and me have found each other and player 2 decided he doesn’t think he should leave either of us alone, so we’re tagging along. He finds out about a bounty, that player 3 overhears this and if following, something that player 2 picks up on quickly. It results in the two squaring off, player 3 trying to charm his way in and failing, and player 2 purposely being difficult cause his character is paranoid. I then interrupt)

Me: “I’m gonna touch the squishy thing”

GM: (world weary sigh) “roll”

Player 3: “you can’t touch [companions name], he’s a spirit.”

Me: (getting ready to roll) “that’s not gonna stop me trying”

Player 3: (getting cross) “why bother? You’re not gonna be able to-”

(I roll a 20, critical success)

Player 3: “touch… him…”

Me: (triumphantly) “I touched him”

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