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My sister and I look a lot alike, so much so, we are often asked if we are twins. This evening, we are at a wedding reception for one of her former Boy Scouts, and has many of the former troop in attendance. As we are leaving, I am approached by a young man.

Young Man: Hey, aren’t you going to say Hi?


Young Man: Don’t you know who I am?

Me: ::Staring at him for a second:: (By this time, I realize he must be one of my sisters scouts.) Do you know who I am?

Young Man: Of course I do! But, do you know who I am?

Me: I’m (my name)

Young man: Oh…, well…, I guess I don’t know who you are! Do you have a twin?

Me: No, but my sister (sisters name) is in the bathroom, and will be back in a minute.

We had a good laugh about it when my sister showed up, and he had a good story for the night.

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