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(I work for a company that has a few different cafes located within. I am one of the few employees who is trained to work each position in each cafe. I come into work one morning and am informed that one of my coworkers had called in and they needed me to go and open one of the smaller cafes in her place. The problem was I had come in after my coworker should have been there, so instead of getting 90 minutes to open, I only had 45. I informed my supervisor that I wasn’t going to be able to open exactly on time, but I would try.
This particular cafe has a retail area that is open 24 hours to employees as long as they have an ID badge. When opening time comes, I’m still about 15 minutes behind so I don’t unlock the doors but employees can still enter with their badges. I have a sign up indicating that my section is closed.)

Employee #1: “You forgot to turn the soda machine on.”
Me: “Sorry, I’m not quite open yet.”
Employee #1: “Why?”
Me: “We had a call-off and I’m running a little behind. Give me about 10 minutes.”
Employee #1: “That’s ridiculous, where am I supposed to get a soda?”
Me: “Any of the other cafes?”

Employee #4: “You haven’t unlocked your doors yet. Want me to open them for you?”
Me: “No, I’m actually still trying to get everything together to open.”
Employee #4: “[Regular coworker] never has that problem.”
Me: “Well, [Regular coworker] called off at the last minute and you’re stuck with me.”

Employee #7: “Did you not make any [item]?”
Me: “They’re in the oven.”
Employee #7: “How hard is it to have them done before [opening time]?”
Me: “[Regular coworker] called off an—”
Employee #7: “I don’t care!”

Employee #9: “Your doors weren’t open, so I opened them for you.”
Me: “Well I wasn’t open, but I guess now I am. What can I get for you?”
Employee #9: “Just some [item].”
Me: “That is literally the only thing I don’t have ready.”
Employee #9: “Are you kidding me? Did you forget about them?”
Me: “Nope, I’m just running behind due to a call-off.”
Employee #9: “It can’t be that hard getting this place opened on time.”

(Please be aware that sometimes things just happen and the employee working is just doing the best they can with the time they are given. Should my supervisor have been up there helping me? Yes, but I still would not have helped get everything made in time. I have to make all the food from scratch. The last item in question had to be made in the combination oven/steamer. They take between 30-40 minutes to make and need to go in after the steamed things which take 20-30 minutes.
I also realize I was being a bit snarky, but these particular people (with the exception to the last guy, we always talk to each other like that) came at me with an attitude that may not have come through via text.)

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