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(Sometimes, pupils need to see a doctor in school time. But this occasion took the cake. For context, on Fridays persistent offenders that week get a 90 minute detention)
Caller: Hi, I’m the mum of [pupil]. I need to pick him up at [time five minutes into the last lesson] for an appointment.
Me: No problem, I’ll ask his last teacher to send him to reception at the start of the last lesson. It’s five minutes before.
Caller: Great, also, I know my son has the extra long detention today. Could you ask his head of year to reschedule it?
Me: That’s not a problem.
(Ten minutes after he was meant to be here)
Caller: Hi, I called about my son leaving for an appointment, has he left?
Me: No he hasn’t, I did put word out that is his last teacher saw him he was to go. I’ll put word out.
(I grab a two way radio and all for a teacher to pick him up. However, I find out later he wasn’t in his class and had stayed in the football pitch instead, at this point, Mum is in reception.)
Teacher: He shouldn’t be long, he was changing when I found him.
Caller: I’m going to kill him… *To me* were you able to reschedule his detention?
Me: The one who put it on our system is training off site today, I’ve sent him a message to do so for me.
Caller: Thank you.
Me: But he didn’t go to the detention at break time for being late to school. So he has one on Monday.
Caller: You know, he has no reason for being late, he just saunters to school.
(Next time I catch this kid coming in so late he goes through reception, I’m telling him that if he’s late again I’m telling attendance and his head of year his mother told me that.)

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