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(It was Valentine’s day at the very famous girls shop and My friend was there shopping for her anniversary to buy something new she was 22 at the time but looked lot younger so she was often mistaken as 16)

Friend: Can you show me where the lingerie section is?

Employee: No but I can show you where the teen parties are in your size please follow-

Friend:No I am not a teen but I will take that as a compliment now can you show me the section?

Employee: well you think you can fool me?I can predect anyone’s age by just looking at them

(The employee was like 40 or something and had a very annoyed look on her face and my friend was trying to be as calm as possible)

Friend:No actuall-

Employee:You know what why don’t you f*** off spoiled brat

Friend: What I am sorr-

Employee: you are just teen spoiled brat who didn’t even hit puberty why dont you go home and cry to your mommy? BRAT?

(In that perfect moment the manager enter the scene)

Manager:That’s enough this is how you speak you speak to your customers I only gave you the job because of you brother but now I regret it please pack your things and exit!

Ex Employee:F*** you and F*** all of your useless customers I can find a valuable job than this

Manager: Security Please escort her

(She was cursing like a sailor while being pulled out but on the plus sideshe was never welcomed again in any other shops nearby and my friend got almost 80% dicount )

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