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(I worked at JTV from 2016-2018. when I first started working there, I noticed a really cute girl that also worked in the call center. I am awful at talking to women in general, but this one was exceptionally hard. nonetheless, I finally worked up the courage to introduce myself, but after our first meeting, my low self-esteem managed to convince me that A.) she was way out my league and/or would never go for me, and B.) she’s probably already taken or all of the above. That was in may; in about September, I wound up dating someone else that wound up being a terrible relationship. I broke things off right after Christmas, and then at the end of January 2017, cute girl found me and added me on facebook. it took me a few days, and in the end my friend had to be the one to send her the first message, but that ended up being the greatest decision of my life. We officially started dating in March, and are now a year and seven months into our relationship, and are almost ready to move into our first home together.

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