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I work at a pharmacy, and this happens far more often then it should, but today, I just had enough.

Caller: I’m calling to see if the doctor called in my dad’s pain medication. His name is (name) and his birthday is (birthday)

Me: I see on his profile that we received a prescription, but it was put on hold. Give me just a second to see if I can see why.

It takes me just a few seconds to see the problem.

Me: Okay, I see the issue, it seems like its too soon to fill this medication. Because its a controlled substance we can only fill it one day before it runs out. We can fill this medication in two days.

Caller: But the doctor said he can take it as needed! How can you say he can’t get it if the doctor wrote it! He needs it! He’s out!

Me: The doctor wrote for him to take it every 6 hours, he can’t take more than that. ‘As needed’ means he doesn’t have to take it if he doesn’t need it, but he can’t take more than what the doctor wrote. If he needs it more than that he needs to talk to the doctor about changing it. As it is, we can fill it in two days.

Caller: (rather meekly) okay. (Hangs up)

I didn’t get in trouble, but I may have gone too far.

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