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I happen to attend a college that is within a thirty minutes drive away for a three-year art program. Mind you, I’ve taken a few programs before, but that isn’t important right now. I’m also a rather modest guy.

Anyway, my professor gives us a twenty-minute break from our class lecture so I figured I’d use my cafe card at the cafe by the library. I bought the card and loaded it up yesterday, including setting up an account on it. I make my order and offer to use my card to pay for it, but the employee there refused it.

“We don’t accept gift cards,” she said.

This struck me as odd since the card didn’t have a pre-written value on the front like the vast majority of actual gift cards, but I pay for it by debit instead and get my order in a timely fashion. Once I get back to the classroom, I opt to ask a classmate if the card qualified as a “gift card”. She said it wasn’t; you load money on it and can pay for your orders with it. My response?

“That’s what I thought.”

I left a review on the location on google maps pointing this particular detail out. Hopefully, it wasn’t a repeat occurrence with this employee, but considering what kind of site this is you never know.

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