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My daughter was very sickly and as a result, I could not work as I had to take her to and from doctors appointments, and I didn’t feel comfortable leaving her in a daycare. My husband is bringing in our only income, and finances are stretched tight. A representative at the hospital suggested that in our case, we might be eligible to apply for supplemental income from the government, so we could still pay our bills and afford groceries. I applied, and was told that it would take around 180 days for the system to determine if we were approved. I am given the number of my “caseworker”, and told to call her with any updates, information changes, etc. Unfortunately, my daughter passed away before there was a final decision. I’ve left a couple of voicemails to my “caseworker”, but never recieve a call back. Finally, I just call the main number in the hopes of speaking to anybody that can update our information. My call is answered with a recording, 3 minutes of changes that will be on the next year’s income forms. Then a voice states that it switched to the main menu, and a recording asks me a couple of questions about the purpose of my call.)

Me: …. change my information.

Recording: What information do you need to change? Please say “change my address”, “change my name,” or “Something else.”

Me: Something else.

Recording: Okay… *pause* it seems all of our operators are busy. This may be a busy time. Please call back later. *click*

(I’m still trying to get a hold of them.)

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