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My husband and I had just dropped our rabbit off at the vets, she was not doing well and the outlook was not hopeful. We needed some groceries so we were in the discount supermarket next door when we got a phone call to say that our rabbit had had a seizure and if we wanted them to attempt resuscitation.

As we were next door we said we’d be right over but had a basket of shopping. My husband refuses to be one of those people who just leaves stuff in the wrong place so handed it to a cashier with the words “I’m sorry, our pet is dying so we need to go but we’ll be back for our shopping.”

Our rabbit sadly passed away, and after saying our goodbyes we went back to the supermarket to get our shopping. As soon as the cashier saw us (I was still sobbing at this point) she left her till and the large queue. She’d put our basket in the chiller out the back to stop anything going bad, gave me a hug and got a colleague to open a till so we could just get our things and go.

The supermarket in question has a reputation for curt service and scanning items too quickly, but that cashier made a terrible night slightly more bearable. It really stood out as an example of people caring, which doesn’t happen too often these days.

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