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, | Unfiltered | October 24, 2021

(I have always been a loner, mostly due to abiding to my parent’s wish of having as little issues as possible. My parents have always passive-aggresively push me to have an active social life by randomly speaking about their friend’s kids who have a lot of friends, are in multiple clubs, etc. It’s saturday afternoon, and mom was speaking about her friend’s child who’s a member of 15 clubs in 5 different cities. I then left for my classes. Due to terrible traffic, my professor arrived just as the class’ allotted time ended. The whole class agreed to just have the 90 minutes class start at that point, since the awful traffic means they can’t go home quickly anyway. This means I get home at 10:00 PM instead of 8:30 PM. As soon as I got home, my dad started interrogating me.)
Dad : ” Why are you home so late? Where have you been? ”
Me : ” The prof was late, so we started class at 8. ”
Dad : ” Where did you go to? Who were you with? ”
Me : ” ….I told you, we started class later than usual. ”
Dad : Were you out having parties? Girls? ”
(At that point, I just went to my room and took a trip to dreamland. I never understood why they want me to have an active social life, but interrogates me like a criminal when I’m the slightest bit late.)