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<i>(A few years back my father needed open-heart surgery. After the surgery we [my mom, sister, and I] are told everything went great and are shown to Dad’s room in the ICU to wait for him to wake up. He eventually does, high as a kite from anesthesia and with the breathing tube still in so he can’t talk yet. All of the nurses happen to be attractive female 20-somethings, and there are three in the room keeping tabs on everything.)</i>

<b>Mom</b> <i>*teasing*</i><b>:</b> “Now [Dad’s full name], no flirting with the pretty nurses.”

<i>(The nurses laugh and Dad glances over just as one of them happens to bend over directly next to him. He looks back at Mom and holds up his thumb and forefinger in a “Just a little bit?” gesture with an innocent smile.)</i>

<b>Mom:</b> “No, not even a little bit!”

<b>Sister and Me</b> <i>*laughing, in unison*</i><b>:</b> “He’s fine!”

<i>(Dad made a rapid recovery, and was so loopy from the anesthesia he has no memory of this but when we told him he said, “Yeah, that sounds like me.” For the record, my parents have a very happy relationship, they just tease each other sometimes.)</i>

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