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It is my first semester of college and I am currently in class required for all new students. It’s basically meant to acclimate students to what college classes are like as opposed to high school, so the curriculum can change drastically based on the teacher.
For my class the professor has us watch episodes of a classic science fiction series for most of our assignments. Near the end of the semester, she treats us by bringing snacks inspired by alien dishes from the series. I decide to abstain from the food, only enjoying some of the punch.
A guy who I was grouped together for most of the class for projects gets my attention and hands me one of the snacks.
“Dude, you have to try this!”
I haven’t a clue what it is, but since it came recommended I pop it in my mouth. It is disgusting. It tasted like liverwurst and soggy bread that had been through a food processor. In horror I suddenly remember how one of the alien species supposedly has their food pre-chewed for them.
Not wanting to make a scene in front of the class I manage to choke the cold meat-wad down. I guzzle the rest of my drink to help wash out the taste. I turn back to the guy who gave it to me with moist eyes and gasp out:
“Did you like that?!”
“What? Oh, no. I thought it was awful.”

Then why give it to me?! Why give it to me?!

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