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Coworker, answering the phone: Good morning, thank you for calling [office supply warehouse]. I’m [name]; how can I direct your call?

Customer: [unintelligible to my eavesdropping]

Coworker: …No, we’re… we’re Factory Express. I think you have the wrong number.

Customer: [something I can’t hear]

Coworker: We sell office machines like laminators, shredders, paper folders, etc.

Customer: [more unhearable words]

Coworker: We’re actually in [city], New Mexico.

Customer: But aren’t you at ###-###-####?

Coworker: Let me check the number for you, sir.

(We work at a business that is under new ownership trying to recover from the massive amounts of fraud the previous owners committed. This man has actually called one of the side business numbers. It’s not a legitimate business, and we actually have no idea what the number is or how people get a hold of it, but we keep getting calls to it, though most are spam.)

Customer: …Well, maybe I do have the wrong number. Thanks, bye.

Coworker, turning to me: …He wanted… to order biscuits… over the phone. He’s in Iowa! What man in Iowa is sitting there trying to order biscuits over the phone from New Mexico!? Who does that!?

Me: *dying of laughter and suddenly hungry*

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