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, | Unfiltered | November 1, 2021

I live alone, and am partly disabled. My neighbour often helped me out with gardening, and other jobs too difficult for me to do myself. She would always  speak to me any time I was outside, asking if I’m alright and need help with anything.

She sometimes mentioned her Christian beliefs and being a member of a rather fundamentalist church, but I didn’t comment.

I’m talking to her one day, when she suddenly changes the subject.

Neighbour: *staring hard at me* “What religion are you? What do you believe?”

Me: “I’m an atheist. I don’t have any religious beliefs, but I am completely tolerant of other people’s religious beliefs. As far as I’m concerned, anyone can believe whatever they want to.”

She turns and walks quickly away from me.

This *Christian* woman  no longer helps me or speaks to me.

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