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, | Unfiltered | October 22, 2021

I (female in my twenties) am walking around the store with my manager (man in huis fifties), looking over the displays and checking floorstock. A group of young teenage boys, probably eleven or twelve years old is checking out the candy section. They are quite loud, as boys that age tend to be, but nothing too disruptive. They are making jokes, bouncing into one another and laughing, as suddenly one of the boys taps my manager on the shoulder.

Boy: so, who are you giving this beauty away to? *Winks at me*
Manager: I.. you… Wait, what?
Boy: *grinning like a maniac* Who are you giving this beauty away to? You know… Since you’re walking her down the AISLE!”

Cue stunned silence from the entire store, followed by bellows of laughter all around.

Manager: *almost chocking* That is the best joke I’ve heard all year!! You get to pick out some free candy for you and your friends!

The kids then happily picked out our smallest and cheapest candy and thanked us many times. Faith in youth restored.

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