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, , | Unfiltered | October 20, 2021

A younger coworker comes up to my desk. English is not her first language and I have trouble understanding what she’s trying to ask for for a minute.

Coworker: Do you have…a santi?
Me: A what?
Coworker: For…girl problem?
Me: Oh! Yes. *I take a tampon from my bag and hand it to her*
Coworker: What…is this?
Me: Oh, it’s…a tampon?
Coworker: *confused face* How do you use?
Me: It goes, umm, inside? *turning red*
Coworker: Oh no, I can’t use. I virgin. *she giggles*
Me: *mindblank* Umm…I’ll try to find a pad then.

She went back to her post in the kitchen and I ended up finding a few pads to sneak to her. She’s a lovely girl and I hope she wasn’t too embarrassed. But she’s around 17 I think…and she’s not heard of a tampon?!