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, | Unfiltered | October 20, 2021

(After waiting in line for 20-25 minutes with a friend, I finally reach the front of the queue to enter a ticketed Halloween event. I hand the doorwoman at the door my ticket and she scans it.)

Doorwoman: No, this isn’t valid. It says someone checked in with this ticket over 50 minutes ago.

Me: What? That’s not possible – I bought this ticket and didn’t share it with anyone.

Doorwoman: I can’t let you in, this ticket isn’t valid. You have to leave.

Me: But I paid for this ticket! It’s not my fault that someone stole it and used it before me.

Friend: Yeah, this is her ticket. No one else should have used it.

Doorwoman: Ok, let me see your ID.

(I hand her my ID. The names on the ticket and ID match, since I bought the ticket. She decides to try scanning it again but it comes up with the same message.)

Doorwoman: Sorry, I can’t let you in. Your friend can come in though. *To the doorman, referring to my friend* He can go in but you can’t let her in, she doesn’t have a ticket.

Me: I do have a ticket! I paid for this! It’s not my fault you let someone else in with my ticket. I don’t even know how they could have gotten hold of it!

Doorwoman: Sorry, I can’t let you in.

Doorman: Yeah, you can’t wait here. You need to go outside.

(My friend and I head outside. He asks me what he’d like me to do, as he’s annoyed on my behalf and wants to talk to the doorwoman again. I tell him not to worry and that there’s no point arguing with them any more as they’re going to keep telling me the same thing. I head off to try and find another friend in a different club, however later this friend texts me and tells me he can find a way to get me in. I meet him outside about 15 minutes after this ordeal.)

Friend: Here, I got you a wristband. If you can fit this over your hand, you should be able to just walk in.

Me: But what if it’s the same people at the door? Do you think they’ll recognise me and tell me to leave again?

Friend: Let’s just try it.

(I walk in with my friend, and show the same people my wristband who had previously refused me entry. They just nod and open the door.)

Me: I can’t believe that worked.

Friend: See, I told you it would.

(So, I managed to sneak into this event in the end. However, I felt humiliated by how I was treated by the door staff and made to feel like I had done something wrong, despite the fact that they had let someone else in with my stolen ticket. I still don’t know how that person got hold of it.)