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My friend is going through a bad time and some of the things that calm her down in the middle of a panic attack, or just to calm her down in general, in physical contact from her friends. Mainly me. We are almost always together and we hug and hold hands a lot. This happened on Halloween at school.
(In the morning before school)
Me: I really wonder why more people don’t think we are dating.
(1st period)
Coach (teacher’s name): Hey (my last name), is that girl your girlfriend?
Student #1: Are y’all two dating?
(Hallway before 7th period)
Student #2: I have a question, are you two together?
(After school)
Student #3: (Friends name)! (My name)! Are y’all two together or what?
*5 minutes later*
Student #4: I ship it.
*5 minutes later*
Student #5: Hey guys, are y’all dating?

Keep in mind that no one has asked us that before. Ever.

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