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I’m currently 20 years old, on my third year studying biology with 2 internships, one on a herpetology group (we work with reptiles and amphibians at my university and the other with birds of prey on a falconry business. Since a young age I loved all animals, specially the scariest ones and was not being afraid of them, one of the reasons I love working with snakes. Because the internship with falconry is in a park its normal that many wild animals might wonder around there, snakes included. So every time there’s a snake I of course get very excited and want to help because I have the knowlegde and training to properly capture them, but I can’t because my superiors don’t want the trainees to get involved on a serious accident, so I’m constantly reprimed for getting too close.
But today a snake was found close to the buildings where a lot of people walk by but there was no one willing to capture it, my superior present at the moment, who had all necessary equipment to capture it, was too nervous to do it so I ended up doing it. I got praised at the moment for doing it and my superior thanked me, but after when ours boss came in I was called to speak with him and got suspended for going too far this time.
I am not mad at him, I perfectly understand that I went too far but still, I’m very frusteded that I can’t help in something I am perfectly capable of doing. All because all people that work with living animals are afraid of being sued for mishandling an animal because someone who have nearly zero knowledge of what is happening think they know more them people who work doing it everyday and studied hard to be able to do it. We live in constant fear that a simple photo taking in a weird angle can ruin ours careers, so please, if you don’t know how to do contain an animal let the specialist do it, we were trained. And PLEASE be careful what you post on the internet, one of my teacher was actually sued because some crazy animal loving lady saw a picture on Facebook that a random student took of him having to make an emergency and kinda improvised containment of a 2 meters long alligator that just wandered into the campus.

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