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When I was in high school – a Catholic, all-girls school – we had a particular Science teacher who many of the girls complained of as being “creepy”. He never taught any of my Science classes, and only subbed some of my friends’ classes once or twice – so for our friendship group, most of the information we received were secondhand accounts from other students. There were many rumours that he was “pervy” or “weird”. One of my friends recounted that on one occasion when she had him as a sub, she’d drawn a penis on her exercise book as a joke, and as he walked past he said something like “I see I’ve taught you well”. At the time, my friends and I considered it bizarre and awkward, but we didn’t take it more seriously than that – we thought it was just a failed attempt at a joke. Just to demonstrate how (not) seriously we took his “creepiness”: despite being a little embarrassed, my friend – the phallus artist – was overall enthusiastic about the experience, thinking she finally had a strange anecdote she could try submitting to FML, a blog site which was then in its infancy and had just gotten incredibly popular. (Being the good friends that we were, we ultimately convinced her it was “too lame” a story to get published, so she never did submit it to my knowledge).

One of the craziest rumours we heard was that in one science lesson, some of the girls had caught him using a periscope to look under their skirts. We all thought this rumour couldn’t *possibly* be true – it just seemed far too outlandish. Unfortunately drama and malicious gossip did flare up occasionally at my school, so we took many things we heard with a good handful of salt, seeing as most us had no firsthand experience to speak of. Perhaps we were too naive, but my friends and I ultimately came to the consensus that while he was kooky and gave off weird vibes and made inappropriate jokes – he couldn’t possibly be as bad as the rumours made him out to be, and for all we knew he was probably completely harmless. He only taught the younger levels (year 7 and 8) anyway, so as we went on to the later years of high school, we mostly forgot all about him.

It was after we all graduated – literally the year after, actually – that our humble little high school made national news.

Based on the news reports as well as what I was able to gather from students who still attended the school, this is what happened: the science teacher allowed some of his students to use his laptop – or maybe they sneaked a look when he left the room (accounts vary) – but either way, the girls discovered that he’d been watching pornography in class. The tab was apparently minimised when they gained access to the laptop, but the students’ curiosity got the better of them, and it turns out it wasn’t the legal kind of pornography either. In any case, the girls were shocked and told their parents, who presumably reported it to the police. The police ultimately seized the laptop and found 2 gigabytes of child pornography on it. It was a huge scandal for the school that only got worse when the principal provided a positive character reference for him during the trial, which many parents saw as condoning his behaviour.

Eventually the dust did settle, and the teacher ended up receiving a 12-month jail sentence – but to this day I can’t help wondering how many of the claims that my friends and I dismissed as rumours too outrageous to be true… may *actually* have been true…

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