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I work at a chain restaurant on the weekends. We do “birthday shout outs” instead of singing, we literally just get the whole restaurant to yell “happy birthday.” There’s a regular we refer to as “Headphones Guy.” He’s about 50 years old, always has headphones in, and yells when he speaks because of it. He’s also just generally creepy; he makes all the servers uncomfortable (he stares and makes crude comments), and he even bothers the other bar guests that he sits near with his weird outlandish comments. However, no one has officially complained about him, so we can’t do anything. But, yesterday was one of the most awkward encounters I’ve witnessed.

*all of this is said very loudly for the entire restaurant to hear*

Manager: “Attention (restaurant)! We have a birthday in the house! It’s (girls) 19th birthday today—”
Headphones Guy: *while gesturing wildly* “How old?? Why can’t you say how old!!”
Manager: “I just did…” *continues birthday shout out*

I had secondhand embarrassment for the birthday girl…

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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