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(I am working the line alone in the evening. There is one other worker there, but he is in the back office when this happens. I am a white girl with a septum piercing.)
Customer: *comes in looking like he is in a rush* My girlfriend is sick; what do you have that’s fast?
Me: For a sick girlfriend, we have a tomato bisque that would be perfect.
Customer: Let’s do it! Hurry up!
Me: *quickly gets the soup and heads to the register*
Customer: Wow! Bonus points for speed!
Me: Thank you! Will that be all for you today?
Customer: *pays with a card* Can I say something and you won’t get mad?
Me: *suspicious* I mean I can’t guarantee anything…
Customer: You would be real pretty if you got rid of that thing. *gestures to nose* You’re not a (racial slur).
Me: *literally taken aback, as seen later when reviewing the security footage* Excuse me?
Customer: *leans over the counter toward me and yells* I SAID YOU’RE NOT A (RACIAL SLUR)!
Me: Get out right now and do not come back.
Customer: You can’t do that! You’re not the manager! *runs out*
(Since he paid with a card, I had his full name. I also had pictures from the security footage and was able to find him on social media from his name for even more pictures. They still hang in the back office, but he hasn’t come in since.)

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