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In 6th grade my history teacher once gave us a fairly easy test, but with a question on a topic we hadn’t learnt in class. I , being a huge history nerd, had no problem answering it, not even thinking much about it. When she gave the test results back, everyone had an 8; they had just missed the last question. I, however, had a 0, even though everything was correct. I asked her what happened, and she said that since we hadn’t already covered the topic on the last lesson, it was clear I was cheated. I tried to explain to her that I love history and I had read about this particular topic just for the sake of it. This happened in 2006, so there was absolutely no way I could have googled the question on a smartphone, and she kept all our textbooks during tests; she looked in my desk and even in my backpack but found no evidence of cheating, but insisted I had cheated. I decided not to argue with her and instead take it to the principal. Since cheating accusations were take very seriously at my school, the next day my parents, the teacher and me were called to the principal’s office. After my teacher explained the whole situation, my father went straight to her: “So, you wrote a question on a topic that you hadn’t taught, expecting everyone to fail to answer and then punish the only student that answered? Why did you put that question in the first place? Did you put it intentionally to lower their grades, knowing that the highest grade would be 8? Are you such a bad teacher that you don’t even know what you have taught? Or are you such an asshole that you feel the need to bully some 12 year olds because you know more about history? And since [my name] knows history, you decided to bully him? ”
My teacher was livid. She tried to answer, but couldn’t find the words.
To be honest, before this the teacher had been actually a very good teacher, and I did learn a lot with her. Sadly, this hadn’t been the first time she picked a student to bully, and she was fired on spot.