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I’ve always loved grapefruit soda. When I lived in western MI (that’s Michigan) there was a store that exclusively sold soda, so I had a steady supply of the stuff. (I won’t drink a certainly well-known grapefruit soda because it’s diet and I don’t touch diet drinks.) Years after moving to Tulsa, to my great delight, a major national chain’s house-brand of soda included grapefruit. However, to my frustration, I am not the only fan as the grapefruit soda is always the first to sell out. After a few weeks of nothing on the shelf but flavors I would never buy and no grapefruit at all, I go ask the store manager if they are getting any more in.

Manager: No, sorry. It’s just not very popular.

Me: But you’re always sold out!

Manager: Yes, exactly.

Me: You do realize that “sold out” means it’s exactly the opposite of “not popular?”

He gave me a bewildered shrug and that was it.

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