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We were attending a holiday party at the home of my husband’s boss. I didn’t know many of his coworkers at that point.

A few people, mostly men, were watching a movie in the family room.

The women attending the party tended to drift from room to room, chatting. Most of us women were talking in the dining room when someone shouted, “Hey! The movie is almost to the [scene where the buff male lead undresses.] Get in here!” All of us went to the family room.

A male supervisor who is a bit sexist said, “You all came in to see the romance?” The couple on the screen were working their way to bed when that supervisor nudged me and suggestively continued, “Do you think that’s romantic?”

(I am usually a quiet, shy person, so no one – not even my husband – expected what was about to come out of my mouth.)

I looked the supervisor straight in the eye and quietly replied, “Who said anything about romance?”

The entire room went still. I was later told by a handful of people that seeing me shock and confuse Doctor [ sexist Supervisor] was the best thing ever.