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(I am a closeted Pagan and Lesbian for fear of backlash at this time. I am wrapping up a successful survey call with a woman who had been very friendly when suddenly it’s like a switch flips in her brain!)

Woman : before you go, you need to know that God doesn’t support gay marriage. He thinks what they do is wrong. He will kill them all.

Me: *genuinely disgusted, but deciding to skirt the issue* Well, I don’t think any man or woman can truly know what God thinks. It says as such in the Bible.

Woman: *Getting upset and shouting* But GAY is EVIL! God MUST hate them. He HAS TO!!! They will all BURN!!!

Me: *absolutely done, shouts over her* GOD LOVES EVERYONE EQUALLY! Also, Timothy 2:12! HAVE. A. NICE. DAY. *slams the reciever down*

My boss: *awkward* uh, you okay? Why did you shout a Bible verse?

Me: *angry sigh, careful with my words* I just hate when hateful people weaponise religion.

(My boss was none the wiser and simply came to the conclusion that I am studious. They never found out why I was actually so angry.)