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I grew up going to a small school in a small neighborhood, but had to move suddenly because of my grandfather’s passing.

Transitioning to the new school was hard, especially when the teacher was fired halfway through the year because they found drugs in his desk, and we had no steady teacher for the rest of the year.

But, I found our rules atrocious. We are in an area with a large Asian and Indian community, many of which were new to this country and slowly learning English, or spoke their native language at home, yet our school (run by an old white lady, may I add), told kids they were not allowed to speak other languages on school property.

Heck, they even strictly enforce it, said woman would patrol the schoolyard, calling kids out loudly for speaking another language to a friend or sibling.

I never understood the reason behind the rule, and seeing as I left after graduating and am the youngest, I never learned if they got rid of it.

Does anyone have an idea because I am still dumbfounded to this day, and I am halfway through my grade 11 school year.

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