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It´s December 25th, a national holiday. Almost everything is closed, except for hospitals, the airport and places like that. Since the bookshop I work at is located inside an airport it means that we´re open. There are almost no departures that day – only four actually. Me and another person work together. I started at 4:30 AM while she started at 5:00 AM. The last departure is in three hours, so instead of staying open with absolutely no customers, and get slammed right when we have to close, we get the okay from our boss to close up.

Our bookshop also handles tax refunds for tourists, so we print out a sign where it says that we close at noon, apologize for the inconvenience, and that they can put their tax refunds form in a blue “post box” that´s located in the international terminal, and we´ll get them tomorrow. We put the signs up all over grating that surrounds the shop, with 1 meter between each sign so that, we think, everyone HAS to be able to see the signs.

Just when we´ve closed an airline employee with a traveller comes running up.

Employee: What are you doing? You don´t close until 9 PM!
Me: We close at 9 on regular days. Today is a national holiday and there aren´t anyone scheduled to stay that late
Employee: What? Where are people supposed to get their tax refunds?!
Me: Well, as the sign right in front of you says, they can put their forms in the postbox that´s in the international terminal
The employee looks at me for a couple of seconds before looking at the sign
Employee: oh, well, i didn´t see the sign….
She defeatedly turns around and walks away with the passenger

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