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I started playing Pokémon Go, a game that was extremely popular during a summer about two years ago when it came out, but then ebbed off after just a couple of months, again when I moved away from home to start university in a different city, as many I know play it and the only reason I stopped when I did was because nothing new happened in the game.
This happens almost every time I meet a new person – most times someone I share a class with – and I´m playing the game

New person: What? You still play Pokémon Go?
Me: Yeah…
New person: I can´t believe you still play that!
Me: Well, I like it
New person: Wow, I thought no one played that. Isn´t kinda childish?
Me: I mean, I don´t think so, I know that a lot of people who go to university here actually plays it

I know that not as many play´s Pokémon Go now in comparison to when it was at its peak in popularity, but who´s to say that a game is “childish” when, just two years ago, they and almost everyone else played it? Stay in there, people, don´t let someone take away something you enjoy!

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