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, , | Unfiltered | October 13, 2021

My mother in law and I were in a grocery store today whose name means ‘very large’, doing our monthly shopping. As we were going along, we noticed a 20 something year old male employee helping a senior citizen whose wife is on a low sodium diet, giving him suggestions on what to buy.

Employee: You should stay away from canned vegetables because they contain a lot of sodium. This is a good sauce, because you can see it’s low sodium.

As the employee and the man left the aisle, I turned to my mother in law.

Me: What a nice young man. It’s times like this that really restore your faith in humanity.

She agreed and we continued on our shopping trip. With all that’s going on in the world and all the complaints about entitled young people, seeing that young man helping an older customer with his shopping made us smile.