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I am fetching a product for a customer, since the first one is missing some pieces and has bad packaging. I plan on leaving the damaged one with the appropriate department, as per protocol. On my way there, I see a coworker who works in that department, and decide to briefly inform him of the problem.

Me: [Coworker], this is-

A customer I had not seen earlier cuts me off suddenly.

Customer: (rudely, to me) I’m talking to him.

Me: Sir, I’m sorr-

Customer: (to my coworker) Never mind. I’ll find it myself. For ****’s sake, they’re all like this.

My coworker continues to attempt to assist the customer, in spite of his mood. I don’t hear any more of the customer’s rant, because staying silent and removing myself from the vicinity seems to be the best option.

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