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I agreed to dogsit for a friend of mine while she’s away for a week on a work trip. She has an elderly small dog and a 6 month old medium-sized dog. They both get along with my Labrador, so I had no problem helping her out. Before she left, she warned me that the puppy had started trying to “play” with the older dog’s poop if she finds it in the yard. Not eating it, which I know can sometimes mean there’s a nutritional deficiency, just carrying it around like a really gross toy. So I resolved to keep a close eye on her when taking them out to use the bathroom and play in my fenced in yard.

After a couple of days, I didn’t see the puppy trying to grab any poop, so I guess I got a little comfortable and less attentive. On the morning of the third day, I’m outside watching them run around when I see the elderly dog make his way to one side of the yard to do his business. The puppy is playing with my dog on the other side of the yard, so I decided to go into the outdoor storage shed to grab the scooper.

In the sixty seconds it took me to grab the scooper, that puppy had booked it across the yard and was hovering around the old dog’s back end like she was waiting for that rainbow ice cream pooping unicorn from the squatty-potty commercials to serve her up a cone. As if that wasn’t bad enough, the old dog looked seriously pissed. He’s 13 years old, it’s not like he can just stop going once he’s started and move away from her.

Luckily, I was able to get her away from him so he could finish his business in peace. After that, I started taking the old dog out on his own to use the bathroom. I think it was a lot more peaceful for him, and I sure hope my friend finds a way to break that puppy’s habit before she graduates to eating her new-found “toys”.

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