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I’m a big fan of jumpscares and tend to take every chance I can get do one. One of my co-workers (#1) and good friends tends to overact a bit when startled to the point that I’ve seen him almost take a swing at people who walk around the corner unexpectedly and one time when I scared him while taking trash to the dumpsters at night, he turned and ran half way across the parking lot before he realized it was me. Of course, this means he’s extremely fun to jumspscare.

One day I arrive to work and follow a different co-worker (#2) into the stock room. Co-worker #1 is in there but somehow doesn’t see me so I just stand back knowing I can get him good without even saying a word. Co-worker #2 starts to go back out to the floor so I do that thing where I quietly shuffle my feet in order to stay behind and out of sight of co-worker #1. As co-worker #2 leaves, co-worker #1 turns back around and finally sees me.

Unbeknownst to me, he has a very tightly balled up piece of pallet-wrap plastic in his hand about the size and density of a baseball. When he sees me, his eyes go huge and he jumps back and launches that balled up plastic at me and nails me right between the legs.

Naturally, I immediate go down, doubled-up in pain while co-worker #1 is laughing so hard he has to lean against a stack of pallets for support. In the midst of all this, our team leader has walked into the stock room and seen everything which just makes co-worker #1 laugh even harder. Out team leader just shakes her head at our nonsense and walks away.

After a couple minutes I was able to get up and had a good laugh about it myself but…I never jumpscared co-worker #1 again after that.

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