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(I’m the receptionist, and the parent is the mother of one of the students)
Parent: I have you a letter to give to [teacher] did you do it?
(I have no recollection of this, or her)
Me: Are you sure it wasn’t [receptionist after I finish]?
Parent: No, it was definitely you.
Me: I probably dropped it into his pigeonhole during a post run.
(She goes to her appointment with one of his teachers, when she comes out)
Parent: I gave her *gesturing to me* a letter for you.
Teacher: When was this?
Parent: [date]
Me: If that is the case it’s likely in your pigeonhole.
Teacher: *to parent* Leave that with me.
(The teacher sees the woman or the door, and when she’s gone I beckon him over)
Me: She was insistent that she gave it to be and she remembers me, but she named the one date this term I was off sick.

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