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(My nieces birthdays are less than a month apart, so my sister does joint birthday parties while they’re still young. My sister had been teasing everyone that she had a big surprise to reveal, and we all assumed she was pregnant. The surprise was hidden in one of the piñatas. Note: My oldest niece, [Niece #1], is not my brother-in-law’s biological daughter.)

Niece #1: *breaks open piñata and a blue shirt falls out*

Me: *joking* If that says anything about being a big sister again, I’m leaving.

Sister: I’m not pregnant, for the last time! [Niece #1], come here. *she puts the shirt on my niece*

Niece #1: *poses* Ta-da!

(The shirt reads: Officially [Niece #1] [Brother-in-law’s last name] and my sister begins to cry as she explains.)

Sister: [Brother-in-law] has officially adopted [Niece #1]!

(Niece #1 and Niece #2 go and hug their mother, then look confused because she isn’t the only one crying.)

My Mom: Okay, this is officially the best surprise.

(Not a funny story, but I hope a sweet one!)

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