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(Last weekend, I went to the Renaissance Festival with my family and partner. I’m a high school senior with a love for sword fighting and an interest in bladesmithing (the art of making swords, knives, etc). I decide to ask the numerous sword booths if they know of any bladesmiths looking for an apprentice. As I am relatively new to this scene, having only gotten into it within the last year or so, I am a bit nervous. I walk up to the booth of one of my favorite sword makers and strike up a conversation.)

Me: I’m looking into becoming an apprentice someday, maybe while I’m in college. Do you know of anyone looking for an apprentice?

Employee: No, but here, take my card. [Owner] lives in Arizona, but he might know some people. Are you planning on going to school in Maryland?

Me: Yes.

Employee: *handing me the card of another forge* Here, take this card, too.

(The employee then yells for the owner of the booth next door, who is also a bladesmith. The bladesmith walks over.)

Employee: (to the bladesmith) Are you looking to take on any apprentices?

Bladesmith: Not currently, no, but I know some guys in the community who might be. (To me) come back later and we’ll talk.)

(I catch up with him later)

Bladesmith: (tapping on the business card he’s giving me) Text this number. I’m always missing calls because I can’t hear over the grinders in my shop, but I’ll look around for you.

(I thank him profusely and leave to catch up with my group. To the bladesmith and employee who took the time to talk to me and help me enter a field I’ve been longing to join, thank you so much!)

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