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(I’m a bisexual woman.I’m meeting with my friend who is wiccan like me and his wife to plan halloween activities.)

Me:Sorry I’m late.My girlfriend’s meeting was rescheduled and I had to drive her.
Friend:It’s okay.We didn’t get very far.
Me:What are your ideas so far?
Friend’s wife:We could use a Oujia board.
Me:Are you sure you wanna do that?
Friend:What’s the worst that could happen?
Me:You could summon a demon or your mother in law.Pick your poison.
Friend:*laughing his ass off*
Friend’s wife:Come on,my mum’s not that horrible.
Me:We’re talking about the same woman who set you up on blind dates even after [friend] proposed,cut your dress and burned the flower arrangements in order to stop the wedding,accused me of cursing you and got blackout drunk on your special day.
Friend’s wife:You’re right,I gave her way too many chances to fix her behaviour.

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