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(I’m 15 years old in this story, and my little brother was 9. I have talent in drawing and hope to become an illustrator or an art teacher. I draw comics for my little brother.)

Brother: “Make me in a comic!”

Me: “You?”

Brother: “Yeah make me in there with a superpower.”

Me: “What superpower?”

Brother: “I dunno. You pick!”

Me: “Ookay…”

(Back then, the cartoon Static Shock was something that we watched, so I was thinking about one of the villains. This villain had the power to expel toxic gases to defeat her enemies. I quickly draw it out for my brother, and then I show him.)

Me: “See, in here, you’re Gas Man, you can shoot gases at your enemies!” *smothering laughter*

Brother: *lightbulb* “So… you turned me into some smelly guy…Hey! I’m not smelly!”

Me: “We beg to differ.”

(Offended, he didn’t read my comic and my parents erupted in laughter. And yes, he was smelly back then.)

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