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(A caller has just been transferred to me by another customer service representative.)

Me: I understand from (rep) that you needed to verify what was printed on the custom stamp that you ordered on (date) because you aren’t sure that it was delivered?

Caller: Well, I didn’t get an email confirmation and I always get an email, but I didn’t get one this time.

Me: I am so sorry, I show that the email that your confirmation was sent to was (email address), is that correct?

Caller: Yes, but I didn’t get the email.

Me: I am sorry about that. Let me just confirm what the stamp said and the delivery information and you can let me know if you received it.

Caller: Okay.

Me: (reads off the first line, which is a person’s name).

Caller: Mm-hmm.

Me: (continues reading off each line, pausing between each line)

Caller (during each pause): Mm-hmm.

Me: And the UPS tracking indicates that it was delivered on (date) and signed for by (name). Do you want to check and see if you have the stamp, or if that person still has the package?

Caller: Oh, yeah, I got that stamp on (date). That’s not the stamp I was calling about. It was a stamp for (different person’s name).

Me (thinking ‘why didn’t you say that when I read off the name?’): I apologize, I don’t see any other stamps ordered Do you remember what date you submitted the order?

Caller: Well, I’m looking at it on the website right now, but I don’t see a date anywhere?

Me: Oh, if you are looking at it in your online order history, can you let me know the order confirmation number listed? (I describe where to see the confirmation number on the order history page.)

Caller: I don’t see that anywhere. It just tells me the price and there’s a button that says “Proceed to Checkout” but there’s nothing about an order confirmation number.

Me: Ma’am, are you looking at your shopping sart?

Caller: Oh, yes. It says “Shopping Cart” at the top of the page.

Me: If the item is still in your shopping cart, that means the order was not submitted. Just click “Proceed to Checkout”, review your billing and shipping information on the checkout page, and then click “Submit Order”. Would you like t…

Caller (in the middle of me asking if she wants to keep the call open in case she has any questions while checking out): Okay, bye. (hangs up)

(I checked her account 4 hours later before I left for the day, and she hadn’t submitted the order.)

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