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Years ago, I worked at a popular, cheap clothing store that caters to men, women, children, and babies. I usually worked freight, but for some reason they had placed me at the registers this day.
A pleasant-seeming woman comes up to my register.
Customer: Excuse me, I’m looking for school pants for my nephew, do you have anything that fits the dress code?
Me: Yes, we do, they’ll be back in the boys’ section, right there beyond the men’s department.
Customer: Oh, I don’t know what size I should be getting… he’s a little husky… I suppose he’s about your size, but he’s not pregnant, of course!
Me: *stunned, and also very much not pregnant* Well… I don’t really know what size you need…
Customer: *cheerful as ever* That’s OK! I’ll just take a look! *She heads off to shop, leaving me feeling about as low as possible. Admittedly, I was heavy, and I have something wrong with my body that makes my upper abdomen bloat out when I eat certain foods, but thank god that was my last day working there, anyway. I still don’t understand why people insist on assuming/asking women about pregancy.

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