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Earlier this week, i decided to treat my grandmother to some coconut donuts and coffee before i had to take her to a doctor’s appointment, and there just so happened to be a shop that america runs on. upon parking, we go up the handicap, ramp as my grandma is old and uses a walker, i tried to open the door but… it was locked. incredibly confused, i go around the building to the entrance that had stairs on it and lo and behold, unlocked! so i had to ask them to come and unlock the handicap entrance door so that my grandma could even enter the building, and upon entry he re-locked the door so we had to ask him to unlock it again to leave! oh, and to top it off, their “reason” for keeping this door locked was “Oh, hardly anybody uses it so we just keep it locked. *shrug*”
0/10 am definitely going to complain to corporate about this location in their chain.

donut shop keeps handicap entrance locked, unlocks it so we can enter and immediately locks it again. queue complaining to corporate.

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