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I can’t decide what kind of tattoo I want next, so I start placing temporary tattoos on my body to see how I feel about them. Some only last a few days, others last a few weeks depending on placement.
This time I’ve decided to have “this too shall pass” written down my forearm. There are no rules against body mod at my work, though this customer makes her views very clear.

Before anything is said, she approaches me from behind, grabs my wrist and turns my arm so that my forearm is facing up.

Customer: What did you do to your arm?
Me: It’s temporary ink. (*Trying to pull my arm away*)
Customer: Like henna?
Me: It’s not the same ink but it’s the same idea.
Customer: Why?
Me: Trying out new tattoos before I decide. Please let go of me.
Customer: (*turns up her nose*) I don’t see why you would want to do that to your body. (*Releases my arm*)
Me: Well, it is *my* body.
Customer: What will your parents say?!
Me: Nothing?
Customer: How can they not have a say in their daughter’s body?
Me: Um, I’m 30.
Customer: (*She pulls a cross necklace from inside her shirt and begins rubbing it*) It’s not right! It’s not!
Me: Okay then. … You have a nice day.

Question of the Week

What is the absolute most stupid thing you’ve heard a customer say?

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