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(I’m about 15 during this story.I’m not ashamed to admit that my brother is a jackass.His girlfriend and my former babysitter broke up with him over his nasty attitude.The following conversation happens through text.)

Brother:You can’t broke up with me.If you don’t apologise and come back to me I’ll send everyone those private photos you sent me.
Me:Hey,I think you meant that for Lisa,this is Liz.Your sister?
Brother:Shit…Be a sweetie and delete that so your big brother doesn’t get in trouble.I’ll buy you that game consol you wanted.
Me:Tempting but no.I already screenshotted this and sending it to our parents,grandparents,other relatives I can think of and your therapist.Also,given Lisa’s profession as an erotic model,I don’t think your threat holds much water.
Brother:Come on,why chose her over your own brother?
Me:I’m not gonna betray the best babysitter in the world.Unlike you she remembered to feed me,helped me with homework and drove me to my dance classes.

(Yeah,he wasn’t happy but even he won’t violate a restraining order.)

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