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(As a preface to the story in question, I had just gotten back from a semester abroad in the UK. As anyone who spends any amount of time in another location that sounds different than what you’re used to knows, you start to develop an accent. By this point, I already had a semi-good British accent that I can do on command but when I came back, it was pretty obvious basically any time I opened my mouth. But I digress. Anyways, it’s the start of the spring semester and even though I’m back in the States for a few weeks, my accent is still pretty noticeable. I have a class and like most classes, the first day you do icebreakers. I introduce myself and say some kind of interesting fact about myself and think that’s that. After class, however, when I’m packing up, a classmate of mine approaches me.)

Classmate: Hey, I noticed you have an accent. What part of Britain are you from?

Me: I’m not from Great Britain. I was just abroad a semester. I was in London, though.

Classmate: Oh. Well, what do you think about being this far away from home?

(I go to school in Illinois but live in Arizona so I don’t think much about this question in context.)

Me: Well, I’m a junior so I’m pretty much used to this. A bit colder this winter than normal, though.

(I need to go to class and think nothing of this. Throughout the semester I’m asked some questions about my time abroad. I’m always eager to share, especially trying to promote the program I was in. Things are going well like normal. At the end of the semester after our final, I’m packing up my bag to head to my dorm to finish boxing stuff up when my classmate approaches me again. By this point, my accent (unfortunately because I loved it) is gone from my normal dialect though I can still use it on command.)

Classmate: So, you heading back home?

Me: Yea. I fly back tomorrow.

Classmate: How long of a flight is it?

Me: It’s about 3, 4 hours.

Classmate: *Confused* But London is farther than that.

Me: …

Classmate: Well, what’s the first thing you’re gonna do when you get back?

Me: *In the best British accent I’ve ever done* Oh, I’m just gonna go have a spot of tea with dear old Queen Elizabeth and tell her about you silly Americans!