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On Monday I offered a coworker something to try. She tried it, (because it came from a box) and we got to talking about her allergies.

Coworker 1: I rarely eat things people bring in that they’ve made because I have serious allergies and I can’t be sure they’ve cleaned their dishes and not cross contaminated with something I’m allergic to.

On Tuesday I see another coworker use a knife, rinse it lightly and the put it back in the slot. I’ve seen this coworker get a glass, get a drink and put the cup back in the cupboard dirty several times, in the past. Those times I always moved it to the dishwasher. This time I tried to get it across to her that its unclean. Customers use the glasses and mugs during meetings when water or coffee are served. They are also used at board meetings.

Me: Ah, sorry that was covered in juice, it’ll attract flies if there’s any juice left on it, can you put it in the dishwasher?

Coworker 2: No, it’s clean!

Me: Um, its not. Please put any dishes you use in the dishwasher.

She then stormed out and apparently went to complain to a friend about me.

Coworker 3: The hell? You’re not the boss. Its just an apple. The knife’s clean.

Me: I’m sorry, but it’s not. Neither are any glasses that have been drunk out of. Everything needs to be washed before its put away. It’ll attract flies and isn’t sanitary.

Coworker 3: You’re not the boss. We don’t have to obey you!

Then she ranted at me for ten minutes.

I guess I’m going to be bringing dishes from home from now on, as clearly more than one person is gross here. It’s a classy office too. They’re all in nice shoes and lipstick. I understand my first coworkers point very well now.

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